Monday, November 26, 2007

Soulmate, Shillong, India

Soulmate formed seven years ago in Shillong by Rudy Wallang (Bluesguitar player, songwriter and singer) and Tipriti ‘Tips’ Kharbangar (Blues Singer and guitar player) is the best known Blues Band of India.

The Band was created with the desire to promote the Blues genre of music and for fulfilling the passionate involvement of the artists with Blues. When often asked by people, why they chose the Blues…their answer is – ‘we didn’t choose the Blues...the Blues chose us!’

Over the years Soulmate has carved a niche for itself in India and abroad, having to their credit over 250 performances. They performed at the International Jazzmandu Festival at Kathmandu in the years 2004 and 2005. The Band also performed as semi-finalists at The Rum Boogie Café (Blues Club of The Year) on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, USA in February 2007 alongside 150 other bands and musicians from all over the world. This was at the 23rd International Blues Challenge contest organized by The Blues Foundation of America. Soulmate has the distinction of being the first and only Blues Band ever to represent India in this International Blues Challenge! Soulmate was also a part of Roots On The Move Festival, 2007 during which they performed concerts and conducted workshops all over the North East of India.

Soulmate also sings for social causes. They contributed – I See A Light in the album, Keep The Promise, produced by the Thomson Foundation for an AIDS awareness campaign. Recently, the Band released an album

titled Shillong and is in the process of recording their second album. Shillong has been voted the number one original album in the Rock/Blues category, with the song I Am presently being played on one of the music channels regularly.



Vocals, Guitar

RUDY WALLANG Guitar, Vocals




Dr. Blues said...

truely a great blues band, both vocals and music rock! 'if you were my guitar' lyrics is the best. lookin forward to their next album.

ANGSUMAN said...

Soulmate proved itself to be the best blues band in india.......... n ya showed never ending love 2 the blues genre of music.....last but not the least... The Blues is all rite....